What is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

EFT addresses the mind body connection. It involves tapping lightly on specific points on the body’s energy pathways (meridians). Depending on the presenting issue I decide which method to use so we can clear the negative and traumatic emotions in a gentle and harmless way. By asking questions about early life and experiences I can often pinpoint the issue, there may be more than one, and deal with it accordingly.

EFT produces remarkable cognitive shifts and is direct approach to many issues. Many practitioners will say that EFT is a great treatment to use alongside other forms of therapy. I am living proof that EFT is an excellent, standalone treatment.

Thousands of reports have shown that EFT is able to reduce rapidly the negative emotional impact of memories and past incidents that trigger emotional and physical stress. Once the distress is reduced, removed or reframed, the body can often rebalance itself and accelerate healing and recovery both physically and emotionally. This often leaves the individual feeling free.

Many clients explain it as feeling like a huge weight has been lifted from them. Instead of the same familiar thought pattern recurring over and over, the instant thought and reaction is replaced by a feeling of ‘that happened, and I’m OK’ often with no further emotion.

Who is EFT for and what issues can it treat?

Anyone who is struggling with negative emotions could benefit from EFT. I see many clients who have experienced unimaginable trauma. Trauma that they thought they could never recover from. Often my clients have been unable to leave the house and have normal relationships, simply because they are still in shock. Processing the information after shock and trauma can be impossible for the human brain to compute without therapy. Many adult issues can stem from childhood and without us being aware of it, can lead us to make poor choices as an adult. Leading to self-sabotage or low self-esteem. These issues affect all of our relationships, our thought processes and how we see and experience the world we live in.


EFT can help you if you have experienced any of the following;

  • Anxiety and depression and other negative emotions
  • Trauma of any kind. Any upsetting experience that you can’t seem to get out of your head. Even by thinking about the issue can cause you to feel anxious.
  • Dealing with relationship breakdowns, not being able to ‘get over’ it. Constantly thinking about the person and grieving for them regardless of who ended the relationship.
  • Phobias and Fears
  •  Grief. Grief comes from many places, the death of a loved one, breakdown of a marriage, children leaving home for university or the loss of an animal.
  • Fears
  • Addictions
  • Insomnia and other sleeping issues
  • Physical conditions and disease
  • Dealing with the aftermath of suicide and grief surrounding it
  • Eating disorders
  • Recovering after your spouse has been unfaithful
  • Relationship issues
  • Trust Issues
  • Anger issues
  • Jealousy or controlling behaviour.


You may have heard of the fight, flight or freeze response. In basic terms it describes what happens to the human body/mind when we experience trauma, feel under threat or in danger. It is crucial to our survival from threat or danger. Often, we can automatically fall into one of these reactions and remain in that state for some time until we start to process or deal with it. EFT is a wonderful way of finding the cause of your fight, flight or freeze response and help to reframe or reset the mind/body connection.


How many sessions will I need? 

Depending on the issue will depend entirely on how many sessions we need. Your first session will last 90 minutes with subsequent sessions lasting for 55 minutes. My sessions are in-depth, with lots of talking and me investigating the root cause of the issue. The more you can tell me about your life the better the results. Providing memories aren’t to painful we will discuss your childhood. If childhood memories are too painful, we can do a technique that first clears the trauma which should leave you feeling open to talk, without feeling the pain. Most clients report that the things they have shared with me have been kept to themselves their whole life. Just by chatting about the past can help, even better when we carry out the session and get positive results.

About me and how I discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques

Long story short, I discovered EFT when I was 25. I developed anxiety and I wasn’t sleeping properly. In fact, I hadn’t slept properly for over 2 years. My doctor thought that I’d suffered Post Natal Depression and hadn’t addressed it which had developed into depression and anxiety. I was so unwell and didn’t ever believe that I would feel ‘right’ again. I was prescribed Citalopram 30mg daily and a strong sleeping tablet called Lorazepam. I was so tired and unwell that I couldn’t focus at work, I wasn’t present as a mother and nothing in my life bought me any joy. I was desperately unwell.

I was introduced to a hypnotherapist who used to visit my place of work and I went to see her. The issue I presented to her was so bad at the time that I couldn’t even talk about it without losing my breath and sobbing uncontrollably. She was a wonderfully calming woman and she made me feel at ease. She did some relaxation exercises with me and carried out a session of hypnotherapy. We then went on to do some ‘tapping’. I can remember thinking she was absolutely crazy, and it felt very strange to be tapping my face and neck whilst saying statements that were bothering me. When I left her house that day, my life was changed. The issue that I’d presented her with had completely gone. I could think of it, but I had no emotions around the thought. I couldn’t believe that something that had affected me for years had been changed to a feeling of ‘that happened and I’m ok’. It was the best thing I ever did. I’ve used EFT ever since. I have tried most energy therapies, along with herbal remedies and supplements. EFT is the single most effective therapy I have ever had. I decided to train as an EFT practitioner so that I could help people to change and heal their trauma just like I did. The results and feedback I’ve had has been remarkable. I trained with one of the Founding EFT members who was trained by the EFT Founder Gary Craig in the US. I feel so privileged for the knowledge she shared with me. I have been fully accredited by AAMET, so you can rest assured you are in safe hands. I also gained my Mental Health Awareness level 2 certificate earlier this year and I’m currently in the process and near to qualifying in Neuro Linguistic Programming, EMDR, Psyhc K and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)to offer within my practice. 

You can contact me for advice and help on 07881 577739 or email me at heelo@rebeccafrancesca.co.uk