Award winning Acupuncture
for infertility and pain in Solihull

Awarded the best acupuncture practice West Midlands

Our acupuncture clinic in Solihull has both male and female practitioners highly skilled in every aspect of fertility acupuncture.

You will be amazed at what we find out during your first treatment with us.

Please do not confuse what we do with other acupuncture therapies, we are totally different, if you have had acupuncture before it will have been nothing like what we do. New patients are astonished at how we diagnose and treat their conditions. Just try one treatment with us and see why we are so popular and why are treatments are so effective.

After many years of research and experience I have developed a dynamic style of treatment which is unique to myself and my associates, combining techniques which can rapidly enhance male and female fertility. We now also offer a specialized Reflexology & Cupping treatment for our patients with  our new practitioner Susan Prosser.

I am very pleased to say that to date over 1000 of my patients have become pregnant since I decided to start counting a few years ago including 33 sets of twins and 1 set of triplets!

Success Stories

Lisa’s story

Hi Michael,

I hope you are well.

I’m not sure if you remember me but wanted to let you know that I gave birth on Sunday to Francesca Harper Green at a healthy 6lb 11ozs (pictures attached).

I wanted to thank yourself, Hannah and Sarah for all of your support through the IVF process. I don’t have contact details for Sarah and Hannah so if you can please let them know my thanks.

I can’t recommend you highly enough Magic Mike and team, you have contributed to making my dreams come true.

Best regards,

Lisa x