Success Stories

Lisa’s story

Hi Michael,

I hope you are well.

I’m not sure if you remember me but wanted to let you know that I gave birth on Sunday to Francesca Harper Green at a healthy 6lb 11ozs (pictures attached).

I wanted to thank yourself, Hannah and Sarah for all of your support through the IVF process. I don’t have contact details for Sarah and Hannah so if you can please let them know my thanks.

I can’t recommend you highly enough Magic Mike and team, you have contributed to making my dreams come true.

Best regards,

Lisa x

Louise’s bundle of Joy

Dear Michael,
Thanks once again for everything you did.
Kind regards,

Sophie’s story

Dear Michael ,Here is the baby!!! He’s now 3 months old. (Photos attached).Sorry I’ve taken 3 months to write this email, it’s been on my mind every day.Benjamin was born at 42 weeks, easy quick natural birth at Warwick Hospital. He is a robust, healthy and content little chap, and he loves his sleep. Therefore I write to thank you for my wonderful pregnancy and my lovely second child I dreamed so much about.

Debbie’s story

To Michael & team,

On Monday 5th Feb 2018 we welcomed our second miracle into our family Miss Darcie Beau after a 5and a half hour labour weighing 7lb 14oz!. After being told back in 2012 that we would need IVF to make our family we never gave up hope this day would come.

Our family is now complete.

You have played a massive part in helping us conceive both miracles & we are extremely grateful for all your knowledge & help. Your services will always be highly recommended by us.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Debbie, Drew, Kake & Darcie xx

Lucy’s story

‘I came to see Mike in early 2017 after nearly 4 years of unexplained infertility. I had never had acupuncture before but thought it was worth a try. I enjoyed Mike’s dry sense of humour and he was very positive which made me feel more confident. I didn’t find the appointments relaxing or painless(!) but it was worth it – about a year later our beautiful baby was born. We are thrilled with him and I’m so glad I gave fertility acupuncture a try. Lucy – 2018’

Amy’s story

Dear Michael

You may remember me, I came to you for treatment in Jan/Feb 2016 during an ICSI cycle (we had two failed fresh cycles and a failed FET previously). Happily I became pregnant and our little boy, Felix, is now 17 months old! I am convinced that your acupuncture treatments made the difference – they certainly boosted my ovulation.

My husband and I are about to try again, but with a FET. Is it worth me seeing you at all for this in advance of treatment? If not, would you still recommend a session after transfer?

I’m attaching a photo of my son, in case you are interested/it is of use for your website.

Kind regards


Helen’s story


We will forever be etrenally grateful for the part you played in our journey to have Sidney. Baby number 400 as you said!


Helen & Jim

Rachel’s twins

Hi Michael

I hope you are well. I came to see you last year around my treatment at Clinic Zlin in the Czech Republic. 
The treatment worked and we safely delivered twins in August. A girl, Mabel, and a boy, Ben.
I just wanted to say thank you for your treatment and also for recommending Zlin to us. Thanks to your advice we now have two beautiful babies. 
I have recommended you and Zlin to other friends with fertility problems.
I’ve attached a photo of Ben and Mabel. They are a delight and I feel so lucky to have finally got them!

Rachel x 

Hannah’s card

Such a nice card!

Jo’s story

Hi Mike

I hope you’re well? Ash and I had our 12 week NHS scan yesterday and all is looking well. We had our NIPT blood tests and the results came back as low risk so we’re full steam ahead!

I also wanted to let you know that the NIPT tests revealed that we’re having a boy – so you were right! We kept the piece of paper until we had the results and finally opened it yesterday – amazing!

I attach our scan pics that we’re happy for you to use. I wanted to say thank you again to you and Gaynor for all of your advice and support over the last few years. It’s been a long road for us and I have no doubt that your sessions have helped us get to this happy point. You have been an immense support during some difficult times.

I’ve been feeling pretty good so far so am counting myself amongst the lucky ones! I’ve just started to get a few pains in my back and pelvis which I think it just things moving around. I’m going back to work for a few months so may book a session soon to keep me levelled over the coming months!

Thank you so much once again, take care, Jo

Hayley & Edward’s Lovely little girl

Edward Cound is a very well known Osteopath, some time ago he asked me to treat his lovely wife Hayley. After a few treatments Hayley became pregnant and 9 months later their beautiful daughter appeared, Annabelle Rose. The couple are delighted!

Katherine’s story


I realised that I hadn’t told you about our arrival!! Olivia Mary arrived on 15th December 2015 weighing 8lb 13oz. I was induced in the end but after my waters broke they realised she was breach (!!) so I had an emergency c section. Not the most ideal entrance to the world but she got here safe and sound. She is a lovely baby and at 14wks is very smiley and has already rolled over! I am enjoying her lots and lots though maternity leave can be a tad relentless at times so looking forward to getting back to work when the time comes. I would be keen to have some more sessions at some point with you before I go back to work maybe from a stress point of view. 

Please can you also let Gaynor know.

Best wishes to you both and thank you for all your help in getting me to this position with our lovely lady. I have no doubt in my mind that your knowledge and expertise helped us to get the result we wanted but more importantly kept me sane during the treatment and pregnancy!!


Steve & Abi’s little miracles

Dear Mike,

Just wanted to let you know that our little miracles arrived! Born at 28 weeks so a tough start for all of us but little fighters! Thank you so much for all your support and treatment. Steve & Abi xx

Justine’s story

Justine and her husband came to me for help after trying for a long time. After a course of my acupuncture fertility treatments Justine became pregnant. Justine came back for a top-up treatment and to show me her lovely son Taylor! Well done Justine.

Lisa’s story

Lisa and her husband had been trying for a baby for several years when they decided to contact me at the Solihull Clinic. Physically they were both very healthy. After 3 of my acupuncture infertility treatments Lisa became pregnant and has since had a little boy, Daniel.

After Lisa became pregnant she continued to have treatment with me for morning sickness and general well being. The couple are thrilled!

Claudio & Marielle’s story

This lovely couple from Chile came to me to try to boost Claudio’s sperm count which was very low. They had been trying for a baby for several years. After 9 of my acupuncture fertility treatments Marielle conceived naturally at 46. The couple are very happy. Claudio says ” the acupuncture worked for us”!

Louise’s story

Louise is a teacher who was suffering from PCOS and endometriosis when she came to see me. Louise had suffered a failed IVF and was hoping acupuncture could help. After 8 fertility acupuncture treatments Louise’s second IVF was successful. Louise came back to me to try for her second child and she is now 12 weeks pregnant with twins!!

Sheena’s story

Sheena had suffered an ectopic pregnancy which caused the loss of one tube. She had also suffered a failed IVF.

After 5 of my fertility acupuncture treatments Sheena’s IVF was successful.

She has now given birth to twin girls!!

Louise’s story

Louise had been told by her consultant that it was highly unlikely that she would ever conceive. She was under a lot of stress when she came to see me and was slightly under weight.

After 3 infertility treatments with me Louise became pregnant. She had worked it out that she became pregnant after the first treatment. Louise and her husband are overjoyed!


Emma & Adrian’s story Baby Eva


To Michael & Gaynor,

Just wanted to say thank you for everything.

We had our little miracle on 29 December 2015, Ava Sophia 7lb 3 oz.

She is perfect in every way and now we are complete.

You helped us so much and gave us so much hope!


Emma, Ade & Ava


Sveeta’s testimonial

I would highly recommend Michael Gorman …very professional …without his help I wouldn’t have my daughter thanks again mike ! 🙂 

Hannah’s story

Hey! I came to see you this time last year for help getting pregnant with baby number two. Well…. He’s here. Ronnie was born on November 19th 🙂 thank you so much. We recommend you to so many people as we cannot thank you enough. We are going to try for a third which we know is greedy but we really want to do it. So…. Wanted to ask you how long we should leave it before coming to see you again please. We are so grateful. Thank you so much xxx  

Sally & Neil’s beautiful Baby Elliot

Hi Mike

Baby 311 has finally arrived! 

Elliot Alexander made his appearance on Sunday 6th December weighing in at a super healthy 9lb 14.5oz. After a very successful natural labour baby decided he wasn’t too happy so was delivered by emergency c section. When I found out his weight I was quite pleased I’d not delivered him myself 😉

We are now settled at home and it feels like he’s always been here. Neil and I are over the moon and wanted to thank you again for helping make Elliot possible. We are eternally grateful. 

Here’s a little photo of us getting ready to leave hospital. 

I hope all is well and we wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas!

Lots of love Sally, Neil and Elliot xxxx

Laura’s little girl

Hi Mike,

We just wanted to share the happy news of the birth of our baby girl on Sunday 4th October.

She is called Ottilie Rose and weighed 7lbs 15oz.

Thank you so much for all your assistance in helping us achieve our dream of becoming parents and overcoming infertility.

Best wishes,

Laura and Lee 

Beth’s story

Hi Michael,

Hope your well? I thought i should share some news with you. I am 12 weeks pregnant!! Never thought i would say that again. I caught on the first round of clomid and metformin. I went for my 12 week scan yesterday and all looks well. I have been so worried and feel like there is such a long way to go as they said because i have had one pre baby i cold have another. I have been thinking about booking in with you again as they have said my iron count is low and thought it would help with my anxiety.

Beth and Ed 


Joanne’s story

Hi Mike

We just wanted to say a massive thanks for helping us conceive.  I had been diagnosed with unexplained infertility and been trying for 2 years.  We had tried everything and were due to start iui when a friend recommended acupuncture.  I only had 3 treatments and conceived naturally!  Attached is a picture of our 12 week scan…. 

Massive thanks again for transforming our lives.

Jo and Mark x x x

Farah’s story

Dear Mike,

Our first child, Ayisha, was born on the 8th of March this year.  Although 9 days early, she is prefect in every way.  We are so happy that words cannot express how we feel about the birth of our daughter.  She is truly a miracle; something we dreaded may never happen. We are truly indebted to you for the great acupuncture treatment and tonnes of moral support and advice you gave throughout our IVF treatment.  So many times you managed to reschedule and squeeze us in for treatment, often at very short notice, for this we are truly grateful. We would love to come and thank you in person when Ayisha is a little more settled.

As promised, we have attached a picture of our beautiful daughter Ayisha.  We are eternally grateful to you for your help and we pray that God gives you, your family and your work every success. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best regards,


Farah and Shahid 

Michelle’s story


Just a quick note to tell you about the birth of my beautiful baby boy on the 01/03/2011.

You probly dont remember me as its been a year now almost but I had treatment with you for low progesterone which ment I didnt ovulate.

Once we established that was the problem, one treatment and I was pregnant despite being on down regulation drugs for IVF.

Anyway I just wanted to say thank you and add us to your sucess list.

Take care


Claire’s story

Hi Mike,

I hope you are well.

We just wanted to let you know that we had our baby boy, Henry Mark Foster on Valentines day at 17:19, weighing 7 pounds and 2 ounces, 2 days early.

The acupuncture you provided really helped especially in preparing me for the IVF and to support us once we achieved a positive pregnancy in getting past the first 12 weeks and beyond.

Despite the challenges we had to get pregnant in the first place I really enjoyed being pregnant and  I consider myself to be very lucky, feeling well throughout. I carried on with low impact exercise only until week 32 also.

We went into hospital at 2pm and we were 4cm. Labour continued to progress quickly with Henry arriving safe and sound at 17:19, weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces. I managed on just gas and air and a tens machine.

We came home Saturday afternoon and we’re all doing well, we survived our first night at home and were up and dressed before the midwife arrived she was impressed!!!

Thank you so much for helping us to fulfil our dream of having our own family, it still feels quite surreal right now.

All the very best,

Claire, Mark and Henry

Acupuncture Fame in Solihull

With the addition of another very experienced acupuncturist, Gaynor Grozier to the team we can now offer later appointments for people to attend after work and Saturday appointments. Our local paper , The Solihull News were more than happy to publish our story. Dont forget to book your appointments in advance as were do get very busy.

Mark & Debbie’s story

Mark And Debbie came to me for help after having many problems. Stress and work difficulties were getting just too much

for the couple. After a course of my treatments and a very difficult delivery the twins, Charlie and Molly were born.

Severine & Surjit

After trying for several years Severine and Surjit came to see me to start acupuncture treatment. After quite a number of treatments Severine became pregnant. The couple are thrilled! Their adivise to other couples is “dont give up if you do not get instant results, it is worth it in the end”.

Major Kath Darby Walsh

Kath is a Major in the army where she trains military nurses. She already had a daughter but had been trying to conceive for 2 years.

After 7 treatments Kath is now expecting twins, 2 boys!!. The couple are delighted!

Kath still comes to see me for a top-up treatment to help her through her term.

Lyanna and David

Lyanna and her husband David Chan had suffered 2 failed attempts at IVF. Lyanna is a nurse at Solihull Hospital. Her earlier IVF attempts did not produce very good embryos and the couple did not hold out much hope for their third IVF attempt.

Lyanna had decided to try my acupuncture treatment prior to her third IVF session. After 4 of my treatments and 2 x A1 embryo transfers Lyanne is finally pregnant.

When Lyanna found out she was pregnant she was shocked as the couple had all but given up hope. At her 7 week scan Lyanna found out that she is expecting twins!


Cate is a beautician from Sutton Coldfield. Cate is now 12 weeks pregnant after a course of my acupuncture for fertility treatments.