About us

Acupuncture for infertility and Pain in Birmingham

Our own unique style of acupuncture for infertility (or as some people spell it, accupuncture) has helped many couples. Our style is very different from others as it incorporates the knowledge and experience I have accumulated over many years of research and study of a subject that is as fascinating as it is diverse. The effectiveness of this medicine for infertility or pain, in the right hands can be very helpful. I have seen improvements with both male and female fertility including low sperm count, motility or morphology and also endometriosis and polycystic ovaries (PCOS). Our treatments can also help with habitual miscarriage and other gynaecological conditions that do not respond well to western medicine.

Not all acupuncture for infertility is the same!

Not every acupuncturist is the same, they differ in style and treatment protocols for infertility treatment depending on their experience and training. If you have tried acupuncture in the past unsuccessfully I would strongly recommend that you try our treatment style . Almost 50% of our patients had tried acupuncture unsuccessfully before they were recommended to me. Our style of acupuncture is unique to me and geared to offer our patients the best possible treatment. 


Based in Solihull Birmingham we have 3 degree trained very experienced acupuncturists (male & female ) who are fully insured. I am registered with Solihull, Loughborough and Tamworth Councils to practice acupuncture and we are full members of the British Acupuncture Council. Although we specialise in male and female acupuncture for infertility we also have a vast experience with dealing effectively and gently with all physical and emotional conditions including severe pain, which responds very quickly to our techniques.

As practitioners we are very committed our our patient’s health and well being. They always benefit from our full attention and experience – after all, their health is our best advertisement! The majority of our patients are referred to us by recommendation. We are currently very busy, so it is advisable to book a course of treatment in advance to ensure suitable dates.

How we are different

Most people associate acupuncture with just needles, our unique style of treatment is very, very different compared to standard acupuncture treatment. We use dynamic muscle testing techniques with Kinesiology vials to diagnose the patients root condition and an ancient Chinese reference to determine and correct birth imbalances. These systems enable rapid diagnosis and correction of imbalances which the patient may have suffered for years. We also use a special Rife machine which enables us to deal with viral, bacterial and parasitic infections.

The systems we use in our clinic have been developed by me in over 20 years of research and experience in treating thousands of people suffering from multiple conditions.

Each of our associates are very experienced practitioners and they have been carefully selected by myself to undergo our intense 6 months of training before they can practice in our clinic as an associate. 

Our patients are our best advertisement as most of our clients come to us from word-of-mouth recommendations. We value our reputation and consistently try to improve our skills to help those who are suffering.