Unexplained infertility / Liver Qi congestion

Infertility due to Liver Qi Stagnation manifests mostly in women and is a frequent cause of unexplained infertility. This is because this type of Liver stagnation effects the blood flow in the pelvic cavity. My Acupuncture treatments at the right time in the menstrual cycle, in conjunction with my dietry advise, very likely can clear the congestion in several months. The resulting pregnancy is more than welcome along with the emotional clarity that arrives when the Liver organ/meridian is less toxic (stagnated). Couples must realise, however, that the prevalence of Liver Qi Stagnation in modern society is not something simple that can be relieved over night. It may take 9 months or more to release the stress, trauma, and toxin in the system, if it is at all possible. There have been cases resolved within a month’s time.

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Irritability, depression, frustration are keywords to the Liver Qi Stagnation. It must be noted that whenever an organ is mentioned in oriental medicine it implies the related conduit or meridian. A meridian is a pathway along which energy / Qi flows. The psychological aspect of the Liver is said to assist us in planning easily and wisely.

A person who suffers from Liver Qi congestion may be found in a job that they don’t enjoy, working late hours, and with a history of taking birth control pills. There frequently exists an inner psychological frustration about having and raising children. Dysfunctional family factors play a major role in the upset Liver, as the condition may have existed for many years.

Physical symptoms of irregular periods, PMS, dark coloured blood with small clots, breast pain with distention, worry and frequent sighing and headaches often accompany the psychological symptoms. Pulse diagnostic palpation at the radial artery usually reveals a wiry and small quality pulse in the person with a Liver imbalance.

Pulse diagnosis at the radial artery is an extremely sensitive and skilled art that takes many years to perfect. It is like a laboratory blood test. There are over six different pulse positions on each wrist and twenty-eight pulse qualities that can be related to each one of these positions. The readings yield a multitude of relationships when integrated and compared with the patients’ signs, symptoms and tongue characteristics. The different pulses can confirm a diagnosis and be used to monitor a patient’s progress.

My acupuncture treatment protocol for unexplained infertility in my Birmingham clinic can help improve how the patient feels and improve emotional and physical well being. This in turn will enhance how the fertility organs work and improve the cycle and ovulation. If you are worried about your cycle length , ovulation or luteal phase why not come and have a free consultation with me, our Solihull clinic is very close to Birmingham and only a short walk from the railway station which is a 15 minute journey from central Birminham. I am always happy to offer advice and help through email for any unexplained infertility issue.

Thyroid issues

Thyroid imbalances can sometimes be the cause of unexplained infertility. A standard Thyroid test may not show the problem .Acupuncture can be helpful with improving Thyroid function.

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