Acupuncture & Miscarriage

Treatment for threatened miscarriage includes acupuncture, diet and a different approach to exercise. It must be remembered that treating infertility and miscarriage using any method is complicated and involved. The medicine that helps the patient attain a healthy vital energy (Tian kuei) can greatly aid a woman who has had miscarriages due to a hormonal imbalance. For women over 40 there are herbs that nourish the deeper vitality that is necessary for the body to call forth healthy ovum.

Currently acupuncture, both in China and America, is used in conjunction with Western medical techniques and testing to design an effective course of treatment for the couple wishing to achieve not only pregnancy, but a healthy baby delivered at full term.

60% of all spontaneous abortions occur in the first half of the first three months of pregnancy. Genetics play a key role in habitual miscarriages. To presume that TCM alters genetic structure without triple blind studies etc., would be a stretch of most peoples imagination. However, acupuncture is very effective in strengthening a persons’ constitution.

If a woman has miscarried, it is important to build and conserve her Qi and build her blood. This usually means building and conserving Kidney Qi, as within the Kidney both Yin (Blood) and Yang (Qi) are generated. We must remember that Kidney does not just mean the ear shaped organs guarded by the ribs just above the lower back. It means the whole psycho physical interrelated matrix and visceral relationship of Kidney function and its meridian pathways.

In oriental medicine we say that all chronic imbalances affect the Kidney organ/meridian network. What this means is that if a person has a weak constitution i.e., is pale, feels cold, is undernourished, etc., then this is a result of either prenatal (genetic) influences and or lifetime habits and illnesses. The way to change these conditions, if possible, is to change them through treating the Kidney with tools of acupuncture, herbs, diet, and exercise. Kidney means bone and bone marrow, and from the marrow blood is made. Blood nourishes Qi and the cycle regenerates and builds. Essentially, in oriental medicine it is said that the Blood nourishes, the Qi protects, and the Kidney Qi holds the foetus. The Kidney is injured by cold, therefore dietary considerations are generally applicable for this patient. Recent studies have also shown that good dental hygiene and quality dental work can increase fertility.